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Surinamese Kenswil & Co opts for HBN Law & Tax

At the end of 2020, HBN Law & Tax and Kenswil & Co announced their strategic partnership. A year and a half later, they take the ultimate step. As of April 1 2022 they will continue together as HBN Law & Tax, strengthening their position as leading firm in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname.

Kenswil & Co is the fastest growing and independent legal and tax firm in Suriname. For founder and managing partner Siegfried Kenswil, the choice  to join forces with HBN Law & Tax was one of careful consideration. “The fast growth of Kenswil & Co in Suriname has not gone unnoticed in the region. Several international offices have inquired about a possible partnership. Suriname is a growing market, both for fiscal and legal expertise – especially in the oil and gas sector. Local knowledge is a paramount for the complex issues we deal with”.

“Before I spread my wings in Suriname, I worked for ten years with the tax specialists of KPMG Meijburg & Co Caribbean. They already joined HBN Law & Tax in 2019. The entrepreneurial and knowledge-driven culture helped shape me and contributed to the success of Kenswil & Co. The rapid growth of the firm has only further fueled my ambitions. Providing quality requires focus. In order to maintain that focus, I choose to become part of a larger firm. At HBN Law & Tax I join as a tax partner with special responsibility for Suriname. This allows me to focus on the tax advice for clients and the development of the team in Suriname. Because of the existing cooperation with HBN Law & Tax, many of our clients in Suriname are already familiar with the quality we are able to provide”, concludes Siegfried.

Eric R. de Vries, managing partner at HBN Law & Tax, underlines Siegfried Kenswil’s ambitions. He adds: “HBN is the oldest and largest firm of legal and tax consultants in the Dutch Caribbean. We have been providing high-quality services to our clients for over 85 years. Our team counts more than 50 professionals, who work from our offices in Amsterdam, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and now Suriname as well. To me Siegfried and Kenswil & Co are an exponent of our potential. His commitment to HBN Law & Tax tells our story. With his team, knowledge and entrepreneurial drive we are adding a new chapter to our long rich history.”


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Eric de Vries

Managing Partner, Attorney