You get what you give


Giving back

We cherish our position in society. HBN Law & Tax supports the following initiatives aimed at the advancement of our youth, local youth culture and poverty relief.

Goals for Kids

Goals for Kids is an initiative of Fundashon Tuma Mi Man, which organizes an annual charity soccer tournament between companies located on Curacao. The proceeds help the Foundation to advance their initiatives for a better future for our disadvantaged children. In 2018 they were able to offer free childcare to an average of 17 disadvantaged children for 7 months.

Tur mucha mester kome

Tur mucha mester kome is an initiative of Fundashon Tur Mucha Mester Kome. The purpose of the organization is to ensure that no child goes to school without a meal. The Foundation offers children a balanced meal, three times a day, 365 days a year. So far, the collected sponsor funds were spent to feed children from 5 selected schools supported by the Foundation, 80 children in total. The children receive their meals every school day and at home during weekends and holidays. In this context, HBN Law & Tax has also chosen to adopt the Sta. Famia school in Otrobanda, Curacao to help them as much as possible with school material.

Kaya Kaya Street Party

Kaya Kaya Street Party is an initiative of Fundashon Ser’I Otrobanda and residents to realize the Kaya Kaya community development event and make it sustainable. Their main goal is to unite people, cultivate street culture and improve image and awareness of the beautiful Otrobanda area, home of the Curacao offices of HBN Law & Tax. The Foundation organizes multiple events during the year, with a different “area” being refurbished every time to increase the impact of its work, and to keep the “movement” going.

Ronald McDonald House of Charities Foundation

Ronald McDonald House of Charities Foundation serves as a much needed “home-away-from-home” for families with sick children in our hospital. In addition to having a living room, kitchen, laundry facilities and a recreational area for hospitalized children and their families they also provide a space for families to stay overnight.