We’re experts in these sectors

HBN’s professionals have in-depth knowledge of a range of sectors in which they are active. Our clients in those sectors know us for our sector expertise, strategic insight and for our ability to work together as partners. We provide you with the solutions you need. In time and on budget.


The attorneys and tax advisors of the Energy team are active in various parts of the energy sector. From wind and solar projects to oil & gas production, storage and transport. We advise (multi)national energy companies, utility providers and contractors on strategic matters with major potential impact.

We advise in contracting processes from the planning and acquisition of new installations to renewal and maintenance contracts for existing facilities.

Our experts are often called upon for assisting in public or private procurement projects and issues.


At HBN we have a deep understanding of the dynamics of government at different levels. We work for national governments, regulators, supervisors and other (semi) public organizations. We know your needs and offer sound legal solutions in complex matters.

Ports, Logistics & Aviation

We are among the key legal and tax advisors to sea and airport authorities and businesses.

We also work for international shipping companies, airline companies, logistics operators and insurance companies.

Operational matters are dealt with swiftly and practically, while strategic matters are handled with an understanding for long and short term needs and expectations.

Real Estate & Project Development

Our Real Estate team of legal and tax advisors covers any issue you may have in this area. From structuring your real estate portfolio to local real investment and project development.

With our local market expertise and in depth knowledge of the tax and legal aspects of real estate & project development, we are a trusted advisor for investors and developers.

Telecommunications & Technology

HBN is a long standing partner of national and international companies in this sector and holds a key role in the industry. We understand the challenges the industry is continuously facing and we are at the forefront of new developments.

Hospitality & Leisure

The importance of the Hospitality & Leisure industry for the Caribbean region can not be underestimated. Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Sint Maarten are well known destinations for tourists from around the globe. HBN assists clients on all legal and tax matters regarding the building of new hotels, tourist facilities and restaurants. We structure the  financing of your deals and projects and manage legal risks and challenges in your daily operations.

Financial Services

The team is leading in providing tax and legal services to both domestic and international financial institutions and serves clients in the national and international banking sector, corporate  finance firms, private equity houses, hedge funds, family offices, estate planners and trusts.

We assist international tax and legal firms when they seek professional legal and tax advice or support in one of the regions in which our firm is active.