Aruba: the most relevant and frequently asked questions about reorganizing the workforce due to the corona crisis, answered for your company

November 5, 2020


In these difficult times, we understand that companies wish to stay sustainable in the employment field. Therefore, we have summarized the most relevant and frequently asked questions regarding reorganizing the employment conditions, as well as staff reduction, for Aruba. In an accessible manner, we explain in three separate Q&A’s how to:

  • amend the employment conditions in your company;
  • manage a possible dismissal procedure for your company;
  • reorganize in your company.

Curious about how to keep your business and jobs afloat as much as possible? Have a quick look at our free Q&A’s:

If you have any questions or should you wish to receive more information, please contact the attorneys and/or tax specialists from our Employment Law team and/or Tax team.


Q&A: how to amend employment conditions - ARUBA

Q&A: how to manage a dismissal - ARUBA

Q&A: how to reorganize - ARUBA

Q&A: reorganizing - ARUBA

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