On 1 January 2023, a new board will take office at HBN Law & Tax, the largest legal and tax services provider in the Dutch Caribbean.

New board for HBN Law & Tax

After 23 years, Eric de Vries is stepping down as Managing Partner, along with Luigi Virginia who has served on the board since 1 January 2008. The new board consists of Jan Pas, Marcha Woudstra and Wendell Meriaan. Eric de Vries will focus, among other things, on further expanding the firm’s energy and infrastructure practice in the coming years. Luigi Virginia will continue his administrative and constitutional law practice.

“We jump on a moving train” says Jan Pas, the new Managing Partner. “Under the leadership of Eric de Vries, HBN Law & Tax has developed strongly in the Caribbean region and beyond in recent years. We successfully established ourselves in the Netherlands in 2015. With the arrival of Wendell Meriaan’s team, a leading tax law practice joined the firm in 2019, and recently, with the incorporation of Kenswil & Co, a strong position was realized in Surinam. With that, the stretch is not over for us. There will be ongoing challenges and opportunities, which we want to anticipate on. But what will always be paramount for us is being a trusted partner for our local and international clients and a pleasant working environment for our professionals and staff alike.”

Marcha Woudstra has worked at HBN Law & Tax for almost 15 years. “I see my role on the board as that of an inspiring, coaching people manager. There is a lot of talent walking around our offices, developing this role within the current management is important to attract and retain excellent lawyers and staff within the organization. The potential is great and we are going to further increase it by linking areas of expertise even better together to serve our clients optimally. Our clients’ world is becoming more complex, legally and otherwise, and we see that they need a holistic approach by their advisers. Up to the next level! “

Head of Tax Wendell Meriaan leads the tax practice group. “HBN Law & Tax is the largest firm in the region for legal and tax services, and with local roots. We demonstrate the power of a truly inclusive culture. We cherish our independence and freedom of movement to be able to do business and respond to changes and opportunities. If we as an organization see opportunities, we take them. Stay tuned. There is more to come!” concludes Wendell Meriaan.


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Marcha Woudstra

Partner, Board Member, Attorney

Wendell Meriaan

Partner, Board Member, Head of Tax Department

Jan Pas

Managing Partner, Attorney
Den Haag