Cooperation between the countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands regarding tax fraud investigations

Cooperation between the countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands regarding tax fraud investigations

April 12, 2022

In the last week of March 2022, the fraud investigation unit of the Netherlands has met with their counterparts in Aruba and Caribbean Netherlands (in Bonaire) to discuss cooperation and assistance in fraud investigations in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations are the ultimate remedy against non-compliance with regards to filing and payment of taxes. The fraud squads are responsible for further investigations into possible tax and financial fraud and, when necessary, report fraudulent behavior to the public prosecutors as well as provide evidence in these criminal law cases.


Following the agreements for further financial assistance from the Netherlands to other parts of the Kingdom, arrangements have been made between the governments including assistance to the fraud investigation teams from the tax authorities in the Netherlands. In the last week of March 2022 parties have discussed in what way the fraud teams in the Netherlands could assist their counterparts in Aruba and the Caribbean Netherlands. Tax Authorities are likely to become more determined in their approach to tax disputes, including the possibility of criminal prosecution.

Fair trial and assistance

Anyone who finds themselves in a tax criminal investigation requires a fair trial. HBN Law & Tax has a tax trial team specifically focused on these cases where tax law and criminal law intersect. It is important to obtain professional assistance from the very start. Our firm is uniquely positioned to provide assistance with our integrated team of (tax) attorneys and tax advisers. HBN Law & Tax is happy to assist you when you find yourself in an investigation or in front of court following a fraud investigation.

Our tax litigation team is specialized in resolving conflicts with the Tax Authorities. We have extensive experience in tax audits, voluntary disclosure procedures, tax assessment and penalty procedures, tax recovery and liability procedures. We appreciate that the optimal outcome can often be achieved without litigation. We will identify the most efficient approach for settlement of the dispute in or out of court.

Our expertise includes:

  • Tax and penalty procedures
  • Tax audit by the Tax Authorities
  • Voluntary disclosure of income or assets
  • International exchange of information
  • Tax collection proceedings
  • Liability of taxes
  • Tax Fraud/Criminal tax law

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