Aruba: Important update on flexibilization wage subsidy

UPDATE - June 15, 2020

In a press conference last week the Minister of Finance provided an important update on the conditions to apply for the wage subsidy in Aruba. Under the previously announced conditions, all employees had to sign an agreement with their employer for a reduction in the work scope of at least 20%. Yesterday it has been announced that apparently the reduction of the work scope of at least 20% is no longer a requirement. Under these updated conditions, the employer and employees are free to agree on a flexible solution to complement the remaining 40% of salary (in addition to the 60% subsidy). For example, in addition to the subsidy the employer may decide to complement the full 40% of salary, with no reduction in the work scope.

With regard to the application for the wage subsidy in June, the following categories of employers can be distinguished: (Read full article in PDF)


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