Kenswil & Co and HBN Law & Tax cooperate

Kenswil & Co and HBN Law & Tax cooperate

August 11, 2020

Accelerating Ambition

Ever since its foundation in 2017, Kenswil & Co has been surging the tax & law firm rankings in Suriname. With a dedicated mindset, the rapidly growing team has lived up to its ambition to become a standard of excellence for regional tax and legal advisory. By strategically entering into a cooperation agreement with HBN Law & Tax, both firms strengthen their leading position for legal and tax advice in their respective jurisdictions.

Eric R. de Vries – Managing Partner of HBN Law & Tax – underlines the strategic weight of the new cooperation. “From 2007 until 2016 Siegfried Kenswil worked with the tax professionals that joined our firm early in 2019. His entrepreneurial drive has propelled his firm in Suriname to its current status. The cooperation, wherein the two firms remain fully independent, enables HBN Law & Tax to extend legal services to its international clients operating in Suriname, including in the emerging energy industry – in which Kenswil & Co maintains a strong position.”

“Kenswil & Co aims high”, Siegfried Kenswil adds. “From the beginning, we have aspired to become a leading firm with full-service representation in Suriname. We’re proud to cooperate with an iconic firm like HBN Law & Tax, accelerating our ambition and offering mutual access to know how and legal intelligence. By sharing knowledge and tapping into each other’s expertise, each of the firms is better equipped to continue to offer high quality services required by clients.”